Sunday, October 08, 2006

Diet day one

Today was my first full day on the diet program. I had no problems following it. Of course it might not be that easy on a weekday.. I am already waking up at 6am on my workout days (I'm not a morning person). Now I'm going to be cooking breakfast. That means I'll need time to cook, eat and clean. Fortunately, my wonderful husband directed me to the "EASY" button. He suggested I boil some eggs the night before. What a great idea! I love eggs. I like boiled eggs as much as scrambled, poached or fried. So this might work.

I also bought some Special K (with 7g. Protein per serving).

This morning, I ate scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and a half of a flour tortilla for breakfast. I ate lunch and dinner.. No snacks. I didn't even think about snacks.


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