Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I kinda cheated... I think.

I think I cheated on my diet.. I ate cereal this morning in stead of eggs. BUT.. it was Special K with 7g Protein. I also had a Thomas Mini Bagel with 5g. So I still had a decent protein intake. I still haven't eaten anything between meals. I kinda wanted to this afternoon... but I drank a bottle of water instead and got over it.

My workout this morning was longer than I expected. I bought a balance ball yesterday and used it this morning. Let me tell you.. that thing has got to be dangerous! The most difficult "ball" exercise were oblique crunches. After the first 5 reps, the outside of my lower back developed a hard pinching pain. I have no idea if it was a good or bad pain. But I had to do an extra little stretch after every 3 reps. I decided I'd better verify it's a good pain before I do any more. There is nothing more frustrating than injuring yourself just as you are motivated and ready to make changes.


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